Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Lurgashall Mill and more baking

My normal stock of wholemeal has come to an end, and I have decided to wait till after Christmas to stock up.  In the meantime I have several special bags of flour in my Stash to use up.  Actually you can't really keep a stash of flour for long....

For the weekend, I baked a Cottage Loaf, as I had heard my dearly beloved talking about loaves he had eaten when he was a lad....I followed Paul Hollywood's recipe, and it came out beautifully....However I am not so sure, as the outcome was that it tasted just as if it had come from a bakery, I suppose after my long proving of bread with added depth and flavour, this was a straight forward white loaf.  Anyway it provided for a nice bread and butter pudding on Saturday evening.

Monday's bake used stone ground whole meal from Lurgashall Mill.  During the kneading of the dough, lots of nice memories of our holiday in Arundel came flooding in, including the full day we spent at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum.  The Miller proudly showed off his spic and span milling process.

I used a long process, starting the night before, as the same time I decided to dress the top with kibbled wheat.....

For supper that evening, we had cauliflower cheese, and crispy bacon, and a slice of bread.

I suddenly realised that we had to stop, or there may have been the danger of a broken tooth.  Maybe I ought to have soaked the grain to soften it.  In any case I did not loose any time in phoning up Roy, to whom I had taken a loaf round earlier on, to warn him to scrap all the grain off.  Apart from this little setback, the loaf is really tasty with a good crumb.  However I must say I do prefer my flour from Hampton Lucy, as the miller gets a  finer bran and flour.

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