Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Library Christmas Party Food

Last week we had a little Christmas Lunch Party for all the volunteers who help up with the service offering books, cds, tapes etc, to people all over Warwickshire who are unable to get out through age or infermity to choose their own books. 

Everyone takes something to share for lunch, and sitting around it is a chance to meet other helpers who work on different days, or are driving and delivering.  My contribution this year was these Tiramasu Inspired Macaroons.  I added a little more than just the marsala wine to the mascarpone cheese, a little amaretto too, as I use that when making Tiramasu, and for the sort of generous filling I was looking for used 200g rather than the 100g of mascapone given in the recipe.  Originally I found this recipe in one of my WI magazines, but have including the link to the online recipe.  I made the macaroon the day before and sandwiched them just before leaving. 

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