Sunday, 11 August 2013

Homeward bound

This was our first cruise, and we shall be cruising again, most definitely.  On this seven day holiday we had four full days on land.  The first day really only started half way through the day.  We had two further full days on board.  The first few hours we spent walking around and getting a feel for where everything was.  The day travelling there and the day travelling back were packed with plenty of entertainment, as well as opportunities to sit and read and knit on our balcony!

We went to ballroom dancing lessons and also watched a cookery demonstration.

The shows were magnificent, with one every other night alternating with comedians and singers including Clem Curtis.  The theatre was so comfortable with plenty of leg room.  During the day there were all sorts of activities too.  Each evening we had the 'Horizon' delivered to our cabin, listing all the activities for the following 24 hours... it took us a couple of days to get into the habit of looking through this carefully and planning our day around 'not to be missed' items. 

I joined a table tennis tournament.....

There was dancing, from disco to ballroom in different venues all going on at the same time.  One bar we came across on the stern had lovely music on a grand piano.  I thought it would be worth going on a cruise for the entertainment and dining alone!  Each evening we had a wonderful selection, with starter, soup, main, dessert, coffee and varying hand made petit fours/chocolates/sweetmeats.  We had wonderful choices ranging from half lobsters to steak done just as one likes it.  The décor and the standard of cleanliness was top-notch in all areas.

For lunch and breakfast and tea we had a range of options...except we were bared from Noddy's tea party as we did not have a child to accompany us.  Just the once we went for the formal afternoon tea.....wonderful.  Such wonderful sandwiches, pastries, cakes, scones, tea etc, all beautifully served.The age range was surprising.  We had expected many older people, but this cruise had many young families, people in their twenties, thirties and older.  We spoke with many people.  Many of the young set had been on cruises with their parents when they were younger, and just loved it so much that they continue.  They certainly dressed up for the occasion and from the look of some who turned up for self service breakfast as we were having lunch, must have been partying nearly all night!  It was very quiet in our cabin area...with even no engine noise..only the coat hangers sliding along one night when we were in the North Sea!

One evening we got back to find that our valet had left new extra towels along with the night time chocolates!

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