Sunday, 11 August 2013


Although the weather had changed from bright blue skies to misty grey with light drizzle, we had a wonderful time in Stravanger.  There is so much in the town of interest. 

The first part we hit on disembarkation was Old Stravanger, very neat, beautifully kept traditional 18th century wooden buildings lined the narrow cobbled streets.  This cannon was within a few metres of our quay.  Up a little steep road, the houses had pretty gardens, and planters outside the front doors.

This little street with pretty gardens had two liners overlooking the precision clipped espalier fruit trees.

As we wandered round the town we came across some delightful street scenes and liked the bronze statues.
This one with the little boy and ducks was close by the Breiavatnet, a lake in the centre of the town which was surrounded by smart houses, and which had a large fountain.
Even though we could have gone back to the ship sooner, we decided to wander round the newer part of the town, still with some old buildings. 
When I saw a couple of people enter this pretty old house, I walked close to the window and realising that it was had people sitting inside, we stepped into this old merchant's house, and enjoyed a drink and a local pastry, made of sweet dough with a custard flavoured with cardamom and topped with coconut icing.
Not all the buildings are white, down a few roads, we found some very bright colours!
We paid our money and joined the visit to the Cathedral of St Swithun.  There was so much to admire in the building, wonderful stone work and carvings

as well as a pulpit and and five epitaphs of which this is just one.
The pulpit depicts the story of the bible from Adam and Eve at the foot of the stairs  with the triumphant Christ crowning the top of the canopy.
These were executed in the 17th century by craftsmen from Great Britain, with Andrew Smith the wood carver who came from Scotland.
There was a little time left for looking around the shops and admiring handicrafts....
We could have visited a number of museums and other interesting places, but left these for next time!
This was our last stop and thereafter we were homeward bound.

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