Saturday, 12 July 2014


A few years back I bought a bush in a pot, which had no name, or maybe I lost it.  I bought it from a good nursery, and really just like the pot and the lovely leaves.  Its gets moved around the garden in its pot, and this year it got repotted into a larger pot.  It survived the very cold winter when temperatures dropped to around -17C.  It is relatively slow growing, and each spring I give it a little trim.

From somewhere towards the back of the garden, I moved this to the patio last week, as it is covered in flowers.  With its young stems a maroon colour, its evergreen leaves with creamy white margins is a looker even without the flowers.

The central part of the flower I believe called the stigma is square at its base.

The reason I am writing up about this now, is that I think I have name.  It may be Luma Apiculata Glanleam Gold.  If anyone has a differing view, please add this to the comments.  July's edition of The Garden has a very good four page article on this group:  The Myrtles, with close family members Luma and Lophomyrtus.

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