Saturday, 26 July 2014

Sempervivums in flower

Its too hot to garden..well it is for me.  When it is a little cooler later on, and if I am not too full after dinner, I shall go down and prepared some pots with a well draining mixture ready to replant some sempervivums.

Maybe its the hot weather, or maybe its because they are three years old, but many of the sempervivums have flowered.

The flowers are quite varied

I've even picked some to bring inside

I like the variety of colours and form

And even the bees love visiting the flowers, but its ready to catch the little plants and push them into gritty soil.  I've some 'new' old bonsai bowls to plant up like this little one, which I tried to make into a miniature landscape.  Penny came round with one as a present and I picked up another one in one of the many local charity shops.

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