Monday, 12 January 2015

A cure for the January Blues?

I've been toddling along quite nicely, no January Blues whatsoever.  Then I thought a little retail therapy might insure the high spirits.  So I planned a little road trip, to keep my driving experience updated, to a plant grower.  I went through recent RHS magazines, the internet etc to choose some plants, did my research etc.

After sending the boy to work on the bus, I set out this Friday on my trip across country to Cotswold Garden Flowers.  The weather was bright and sunny, but the first obstacle was a closed bridge which entailed a long detour.

I loved walking perfectly alone through the numerous poly tunnels looking at the pots of growing plants.  Even the outside beds in their winter garb were interesting.  There was a friendly cat who kept jumping up and wanting attention, and several lovely plump chickens finding a corner to use as a dust bath.

Finally I found Mandy and we had a great chat about some of the plants.  She had placed some gorgeous snowdrops that she had found, quite new and unique in her garden.  I tried to buy them, but they were definitely not for sale at this time, so good luck to her and I hope they bulk up soon.

I had chosen to go to Cotswold Garden Flowers because the RHS plant finder had listed them as my closest supplier of Lachenalia.  I had thought of growing these in the conservatory as they are winter flowering, with a full dormancy during the summer.  I realise you can buy the bulbs but that the season for that is the Summer and I just could not wait.

I chose a couple of different ones:  Lachenali Aloides Quadricolour and Lachenalia Romaud.  If I 'fall in love' with these, then I shall see what bulbs I can acquire during the summer.

Then it was the case of a girl in a candy store, well me in a Plant Nursery.  I bought a couple of hardy geraniums: Blue Sunrise which has golden foliage, and Rozanne which has been voted plant of the centenary.  They are both dormant but I have Mandy's assurances that they are good sturdy plants.

Outside in their display of potted up plants, my eyes caught Mahonia Soft Caress.  I love the form and the fact that there are no prickles, with the red stems and soft foliage a great combination, I am really looking forward to the sweet smelling yellow blooms.

I already have and love my clumps of dark purple Ophiopogum, so was delighted to find a green and white variegated form called Little Tabby.

Continuing the theme of winter greens, and also my love of sedges, when I saw a lovely large specimen of 'Carex Oshimensis Everest' growing in a stone urn swaying in the wind, catching the low winter sunshine, a nice specimen just had to come home with me.  It is already potted up in a larger pot, and lightning up these dull winter days.

A large oriental poppy Patty's Plum will be in the summer border, and lastly a little beauty to join my aeoniums in the conservatory: meet Cristata Sunburst.  What a great name, it also looks fabulous against my deep maroon and plain green aeoniums.

If there were any vestiges of January Blues, they were blown away, and I had a nice Sunday afternoon pottering around the garden, planting and repotting, and dreaming of what beauties will soon start sprouting in the garden.

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  1. One of my two favourite places to visit, nurseries and bookshops.
    Heather :)