Monday, 12 January 2015

Easiest Buns in the World

Mix all the ingredients, put in the fridge overnight or even two days, I made mine with half spelt and half stone ground wholemeal, threw in some sunflower seeds, pumpkin and linseeds, and it works!

Just put spoonfuls straight onto a baking sheet

and put in the oven.  That about all you need to do, no kneading at all, and no work surfaces to clean.

This was one of this month's choices from the Book of Buns, by Jane Mason, bake along on facebook.  I baked half one day, and left the dough one more day just to check that it was OK to do so.  Yes it is, and the texture of the crust and inside is different and interesting compared to kneaded bread.  They also freeze and reheat beautifully.

The recipe is available on line in Self Raising Flower's blog

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