Tuesday, 13 January 2015

New Classes

There is something wonderful about drawing.  I've always admired it, and tried to copy little things,  mainly around my calligraphy, but have wanted to do something original.  What better than having lessons?  I'm having weekly lessons with Helen Clues  at the Gecko Studio and Gallery in Old Town, Kenilworth.

For my first Art Lesson, we were given a wonderful array of mushrooms, and with some trepidation at making the first mark using graphite pencils, and some good guidance, two hours later I have a couple of trials.  My first one which I had only noticed that I dated 2014 after I took this photograph, but since changed.

and my second much larger one when I started to feel less inhibited

I'm already looking forward to the next art classes, each time something new....Helen is an inspirational teacher

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