Sunday, 4 January 2015

Coventry Cathedral

We were considering what to do on a spare day, when D mentioned that he was yet to visit Coventry Cathedral.  Ah!  I did want to look for Anise seeds, so a trip to combine the two was just the thing.  The sun was low and bright and brought out the wonderful details of the coloured glass.

To the side of the High Altar, in the Chapel of Christ in Gethsemane, there is an interesting and beautiful wall mosaic deigned by Steven Sykes.  I was looking at a part of it

and then saw that the design has been worked on a kneeling cushion

I am so pleased we visited together, we walked around pointing out different choice views.  However, we got  tickets which allowed to visit any number of times this year, so decided to leave more for another visit.

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  1. I really enjoyed visiting Coventry Cathedral too when I was living in Warwick! The modern stain glass windows are amazing!!!