Friday, 4 March 2016

Bun Muska from Iran

Caroline our moderator from the Facebook page of Baking our Way through the Book of Buns greeted us all with the following:

Happy 1st day of March. I hope everyone is keeping warm while we wait for Spring to arrive. Shall we warm up the kitchen and our tummies with bun baking? Bun muska, page 55

Today being my Friday Bun Day it was just the right time to make these...but it was quite cool, and we have had some snow flurries, and I had to wait longer for the last rise before going into the oven. I decided to make 10 smaller buns rather than the 8 given in the recipe.  The dough is quite a stiff one but after the butter is added and a further ten minutes kneading thoroughly works the dough, you are left with a silkily smooth but not over soft lump to put to rise for 2 hours or so..

When I looked on line to find out more about this bun, I came across a great entry by Finla, who belongs to a group of baking friends, and had this Bun Muska from the Book of Buns as one of their group bakes, and for a full description, recipe and lovely photographs, it is well worth going over to her blog: My Kitchen Treasures.

 I'd not been feeling on top form, and despite this had been off to town on my bicycle to do all the food shopping for the weekend.  When Mr S arrived from work, he could see that I was just glazing the buns, and looking tired, so he rolled up his sleeves, cleared the kitchen and did all the washing up!

My knight in shining armour or should I say amour (french for love) came to my rescue, and even made the tea to accompany the warm each only, of course!  The rest are in the a timelocked safe.

Mr S had his just like that but I had mine sliced with butter and a spot of wild plum jam.

They are delicious and I just wish there were seeds underneath as well!


  1. I'm on a gluten-free diet now, but your lovely buns take me back to a time when I was constantly cooking sourdough rolls, what fun it was and how tasty. Your shiny seeded rolls look so wonderful, I have to imagine biting into one and the lovely taste!

    1. Your comments are appreciated Hannah. Are you a coeliac? I just love baking and I am sure from how you loved making sourdough rolls, you will be finding other baking outlets. I have a sourdough loaf on the go, yes ready for the first fold, and have just baked 20 Anpan rolls, as I want to take some to my craft group to share around.