Wednesday, 2 March 2016

In a Vase on Monday - Crocuses

When you do something regularly it becomes habit thing I have done for almost all my life is cut things from the garden and bring them inside.  It had not been on any particular day but for a few months I have been joining in with Cathy's group posting on a Monday, so I have definetely been picking flowers from the garden on Mondays.

These past few days I have been busy, and have had to schedule in so many things.  The one thing I dropped was posting my vase on Monday.  I did pick the blooms which I just had to stop and admire in the garden, after hanging out the washing.  Later in the day, my little visitor and Gran came to visit..and we looked at the crocuses together.  Just a few weeks before his third birthday, he gave me the thumbs up and a wink at the same time...for the lovely bun he had!

Here is my little vase of crocuses posing by the sticky buds and stones from last week.  The foliage is Carex morrowii variegata, some leaves full length, and some cut blunt.  The blooms are like silk, delicate but today Wednesday they are still on my kitchen windowsill, except for a I think they deserve to be shared even two days late!

The crocuses in the garden are looking really lovely..and we have had been visiting yesterday during the middle of the day when it got quite warm.  My favourite ones are the species and the last purple and white one.  I have a few large white ones, which I think are a little out of scale...but the bees and bumblebees like them.


  1. They are lovely when they open up completely - one good reason for bringing them indoors!

  2. Yes, I like that stripey one too. Well done for your seal of approval buns, Noelle!