Monday, 1 May 2017

Daily Bread the Sourdough Way

When I read through the recipe which I had set for the April Baking Challenge from Jane Mason's Perfecting Sourdough, I knew we would love this, and being baked in a tin, it would be easy to double up the ingredients and bake one spare one for the freezer.  I decided to use wholewheat spelt flour and the last of my batch of strong white flour from Cann Mill, about half and half.

I baked these two beauties before my latest baking book arrived, so bringing in the tips given by Clive Mellum, next time I bake this, I shall knead the dough, and add the butter towards the end of the kneading period.  I have tried this tip of Clive's in a few baking sessions recently, and I really have had a better rise!  Another improvement has come from placing the bread tins on a pre heated sturdy baking tray.

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