Friday, 12 May 2017

Whole Wheat Sourdough revisited

I just wanted to check whether second time round, the whole wheat sourdough would turn up as well as it did last time.  It certainly did!

Again a 500g weight of dough went into the smaller banneton, and the rest of the dough was played with.  What did I have to made some lunch time rolls which would go with soup or a salad to make up a meal?  A few olives, some pesto, a few shallots sweated with herbs in butter.  A swiss roll of dough filled with the above and topped with slices of goat's cheese went into well buttered muffin tins with a little lining of semolina to ensure they popped out easily!  We have some standby buns for lunch or a picnic stored up in the freezer, having had a couple with a nice salad for our supper.

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