Friday, 12 May 2017

New Plants

One of my greatest sources of pleasure is gardening and plants....The garden is dry, the lawn worn almost to terre battue, or an unbaked clay slab on account of having piles of rubble piled on it during the excavations and preparation for our conservatory.  We then have to have work done on the boundaries...which leaves me to dig nursery beds to take the plants I have brought with me from Warwickshire.  Meanwhile I am enjoying looking at the many beautiful gardens around and popping in frequently to the Bishop's Palace.

It is so very tempting to stroll along market stalls isn't it.  Tadham Nurseries have a pop up stall in Market Street in Wells on Fridays and Saturdays, which is where this excited gardener goes to spend her pocket money...or else resist temptation and walk into town another way.  By the way there are also two other excellent plant stalls or the twice weekly markets.  Last week I just had to spend my £10 pocket money in one go on the Tadham Nursery Stall!  Six good plants for £10 as follows:

I had admired Sedum Kamtschatcum at Tatton Park Flower Show last year, but they were sold out.  I must get some grit ready to help open up the clay when I have decided on the layout of the garden.  Another new plant which I have not grown before but have admired many times is Origanum Kent Beauty.  Then because Mr S loves small things and also Hebes bought Hebe Buchananii Minor...for the moment planted out in its own little pot...but I can see that an Alpine sink may be added to my wish list for the garden!

Sedum hispanicum because the gentleman loves small things!  Just like the lady loves .....

I love small willows and without knowing much about this one added it to my little collection on the stall.  Salix Nakamurana Yezoalpina is showing a lot of promise, and as I write this I am wondering the best place for it.  In the meantime it is sharing a larger pot with Clematis Cartmanii moonbeam.  I fwonder whether the two can be companions for a year or two!  However I just learnt that some plants just do not like companions...I heard that walnuts are very good at seeing off plants that grow nearby.

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