Saturday, 6 April 2019

Sourdough rules OK

Yes Sourdough still continues to be a bread of choice.  However when I am busy, and have my creative efforts concentrated in other directions, I opt for easier solutions, such as using loaf tins.  I have gone back to using my Silverwood Baking tins.  I add between 650g and 700g dough, with one slice being perfect for a portion.

Another time saver is reducing or even cutting out 'messy' toppings which are apt to fall off and means saving on more Kitchen Floor washing than I have time for.  Here all the flax for Sourdough Flax Prairie Bread was ground and added with the flour.  Not quite as pretty a loaf, but wonderfully tasting nonetheless.

Last night, these two loaves came out of the oven more or less at bedtime, so they cooled off on the rack covered in linen.

This morning, this loaf was perfectly fresh and tasty for our boiled egg breakfast.


  1. Fresh bread for breakfast sounds a wonderful idea.

  2. I do like sourdough bread, however you cannot make it in my bread making machine. I make what I call poor mans sourdough by adding yogurt with the other ingredients

    1. Poor man? Adding Yogurt? Bread making machine? Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, I get your point. It does take some planning and patience to get the timings right, and the dough is not at all predictable, sometimes a rise time of 5 hours is not enough, so one needs to be there say 7 hours down the line to bake. All the more time to be in the garden!!