Friday, 30 November 2012

Silverwood Bakeware

I guess that I am not at all unusual when it comes to getting new items.  There is first the research, with previous experience coming in, then the search for the item one has set ones sights on.  Then when the new item is acquired a comparison with what one already has.  Sometimes at first I am not altogether happy, but gradually with time and trials this feeling changes to acceptance, then realisation that the change is definitely for the better.

Many years ago I acquired my first piece of Silverwood Bakeware, a baking tray, which has proved the best I have ever had, so when I came to face the fact that the non stick bread tins I had were just not working, the non stick was coming off when the tins were only a few months old, and adhering to the bread, I knew I had to find a replacement.  Since then I've wondered whether using olive oil on my work surface, which stays on the outside of the loaf, caused the breakdown of the non stick surface.  This brand is my first port of call, Silverwood Bakeware will never rust, is well made, is made in England, and works very well.

The first set of loaves was disappointing, the shape of the tin was different to my previous ones, and when I came to measure the volume, they were also very different even though they purported both to be a 1 lb, 450g loaf pan, the label on the Silverwood tin states that it is the weight of dough prior to baking.  I have made sure that with my new pans I use ground nut oil to condition and use prior to adding the dough.

Maybe 500g of improved dough with all the additives that are added to commercial loaves would give the rise above the tin.  I have found that 600g weight of my uncooked dough gives the rise I like, together with a little more rise in the oven above the tin, to give a good shaped golden crust.  I've filled the tin with water and it takes 1200g to the level where it starts to curve out.  So my for type of dough, I'll use half of the weight of water.   

Here I made two 600g loaves and a free form loaf.  The slice is much larger of course, with one being sufficient for my breakfast....


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