Friday, 9 November 2012

Fresh off the Knitting Needles

Running along other interests such as baking, another of my home based activities is knitting.....I normally write up my knitting on Ravelry, which for any knitter using the Internet, its a huge resource.  I was thinking of my lovely Aunty Doreen who reads my blog when I realised that she would love to see this little cardigan.

During a visit to a newly opened Wool Warehouse  nearby in Leamington, I used my very rarely used mobile phone to check on whether my little grand daughter wanted a new cardigan, and with the request for a red one please, proceeded to get a pattern and some red double knitting yarn.

Putting into practice what I had picked up in an article which explained that more yarn is used on the purl row which for some can lead to an uneven fabric, really gave a near perfect finish.  Some knitters use pins of a smaller size on the purl row, and the article explained that one can throw the yarn in a different way, but I just tightened my tension a little, and it has really improved the overall fabric.

I had not been to one of our local haberdashery shops since it had relocated, to a position a little further down the shopping street, so decided to make a visit but could not find the right buttons, though it has just occurred to me that there are two other shops in our little I shall try those in future first.  The little metal buttons I got from Textile Garden do really finish off the cardigan beautifully, and I hope the little fingers can cope, so maybe as Red is a favourite colour, I need to get a stash of nice buttons in ready for the next red cardigan.

A couple of weeks later, with pretty buttons, here is the new cardi complete:

Its been posted off, and I hope it is there for the weekend.

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