Friday, 2 November 2012

Batsford Arboretum

One foggy Sunday morning we decided to go Batsford Arboretum, as we drove the fog began to lift and gave us a view of the countryside in super three D.  The various folds in the landscape became clear.  By the time we got to our destination the day was really pleasant, and the cool weather had brought out the autumn colours.....

After lunch, we followed the paths around the arboretum.  The Acers were showing their best fiery colours.  In a small patch we found some beautiful blue crocusses.

I fear that most of our bulbs in the garden are being dug up by bold grey squirrels.  They are causing so much damage this autumn.  Maybe we have a lot more of them around, and I think there also a lot less nuts and other food for them.

By the Japenese Rest House, where we sat a while watching the leaves fall from a tall Tree of Heaven, we came across a Buddha,

and a Chinese Lion

along the footpath taking us to Batsford Church, we caught a clear view of Batsford House and the countryside beyond.

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