Friday, 2 November 2012

Arundel Holiday

Arundel Castle was just a few minutes walk from our holiday home, and also in view from our garden.  During the second week of our stay, we spent the whole day visiting the Castle and Grounds.

A walk along the battlements to towers, gave great views, and the rooms of the Castle were full of wonderful paintings, furniture, tapestries, carpets and all manner of objects. 

The gardens were magnificent.  We had spied some of handsome wooden buildings above the walls in the town during our first week, but nothing had prepared us for their scale and detail.  The plantings were  also to scale, with treats and surprises everywhere.

In one of the big grottoes, we found a fountain playing, and perched on top of the water was a crown spinning

Outside there were water features to rival this, and equal to any I have seen

One of the temples was adorned with the Deer Antlers

The Kitchen Garden was full of espaliered fruit trees, flowers grown for the Castle, vegetables, and in the green house, we found a wide collection of colourful chillies.

One really needs more than one day to appreciate and enjoy all that this Castle has to offer to the tourist.  Its dining room offered us great temptations too!

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