Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Kenilworth cycle path to Warwick University

One Sunday, a couple of weeks ago,  it was sunny, Mr S had replaced his mouse eaten handlebar grips, so we ventured out and cycled along the new path linking Kenilworth to Warwick Uni.  Very well built in concrete along part, with loads of cattle grids.  For the first few I gingerly pushed my bike across walking along the very edge. Then I became brave enough, so long as I kept my nerve and the handle bars steady,  I would make it.  I braced myself and make all the cattle grids from then on...... 

There are wonderful views along the length, and we stopped at the sculpture to admire the rolling farmland.

As we arrived on the University campus, a small clump of trees attracted my attention: Rowan Trees with pink berries, and a very blue sky.

We sat on one of the benches by the Lake, and had hot drinks from our flask, watching the ducks, moorhens, and the Heron fishing, right in front of us.

In patches the path was already heavily caked with mud and other things which cattle leave behind, so when we got back, out came the bucket and brushes and I gave my bike a really good wash....first one since the bike was new nearly 18 months ago!

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