Saturday, 15 January 2022

Six on Saturday - 15 January 2022

 The day the sun  shone, it was as if I was a young heifer let out onto a spring field after been cooped up in a barn. 

1. The first job I saw to was dealing with the sodden compost.  It had drained quite well, but I still had thought it worthless and even a hazard if spread over the garden. On my list, I did have replanting my pots of mint into larger pots with fresh compost to give a crop this year, without the hazard of planting them in the garden and having to then dig every last bit out.  Since these mints thrive with water, they were repotted using this sodden compost.  I have Apple Mint, Chocolate Mint and Moroccan Mint which I like to use for teas.

This picture shows just how many roots can grow in one season and if in the garden would spread for yards!

2. The old brain is getting even more unreliable when it comes to remembering where or even the names of plants I have planted.  Those that come up for a few months then disappear are the worst.  The Black labels are no longer available so I have opted for green ones, and making better plans of the garden and where plants are positioned. The black labels were often broken in two when I put my foot in the wrong place: hopefully I shall see these!  Probably won't look very good, but it is my garden!

3. It is a good job I checked the cyclamen seeds: C. confusum  is up, so it has been brought into the light.

4.  Cyclamen purpurascens is sporting a little friend.  The cyclamen was quickly dug up by Jo Haynes from her garden.  I wonder what it will be. It looks like a snowdrop seedling, and it probably take another two years before it flowers.

5. In my last garden I had a wonderful Hellebore. 

It came true from seed, and had been one of the plants already in the garden.  I could 'kick' myself for not having brought a seedling with me.  The seedling all came true: I know as I used to plant them around the garden, watch them come into to flower then take them potted up and in flower to sell at our gardening club.

No point in having regrets, so I placed an order which arrived today.

6. Daisies are  enjoying the Sun too.....

It is late, I had thought to skip a week, but reading other contributors, I know their offering really point to the 'doldrums' in the garden in mid January.  We are all in this together under The Prop's guiding trowel. 


  1. Your daisies look a lot healthier than mine. Those hellabores look like they'll be beauties.

  2. Ah... labels.. I'm having a hard time finding them here. They are white or yellow but have become rare and expensive (price multiplied by 3 in 2 years in garden centres...? I don't know why). So I order them on the internet, or I use wooden clothespins or ice cream sticks on which I write

  3. I do use coloured labels myself - they seem to catch the eye quite well so I can always manage to find them!

  4. Your Bellis daisies look a lot healthier than the sad ones in my pots. They’ve collapsed with all of the rain and some have rust. The new Hellebores will be beautiful

  5. Thanks for your visit on my blog, and your effort to use the translate button even if the translations not always are understandable :) Hellebore is a lovely flowering plant, in Sweden we call it direct translation:"Christmas rose", but I dont have it here in Portugal. The chocolate mint plant is in a pot in my garden also!

    1. It was fun afterall languages have different syntaxes and structures and translations are not that nuanced, but I like the way it shows the differences. The Christmas Rose which we use too relates to Helleborus Niger, we also have plants with later flowering coloured blooms. There is quite a following, and I think as the spring progresses we shall see various beauties on the Six on Saturday from other contributors.

  6. I've been using my Mini magnum sticks as labels but they are rather small and disappear into the soil when I'm not looking. Lovely hellebores, I have only the plum coloured one but it certainly earns its place.

  7. I just love the heifer analogy, made me smile! No black labels, I might have bought your share, hope they come back in stock for you. Isn't Jo's garden wonderful, lucky you to have one of her seedlings. Hope all is good with you Sis x