Monday, 23 May 2022

In a Vase on Monday - Remembering and thinking

A little posy from garden flowers.  I had been catching up on my Facebook this morning, when I came across one of those shared posts with a saying.  I'm not always that happy to like these, as I wonder whether someone is looking at who knows who.  I am not paranoid, and of course respond when I feel like it to 'original' material.  Sometimes the sayings are rather apt and I do enjoy them.  I think it was one from my cousin what got me going, and I was thinking of her when I picked the flowers. It was something about if it takes only a few seconds to think of someone, it also doesn't take long to tell someone you are thinking of them, meaning it takes seconds to say like to someone on a Facebook message.

The French for being  pensée started me off, and so Viola which is almost a pansy was the first flower club, then I chose a few more to make up a little posy, and went round the garden thinking of all the people I really ought to take the effort to tell them I am thinking of them. I love the peace of the garden, with so many plants reminding me of friends.
Viola Tricolor - Wild Pansy grown from seed and planted in the garden.

Other Elements.....

Quaking Grass: Briza Maxima

 Phuopsis stylosa

White daisy

Achillea x lewisii 'King Edward',

Scabiosa columbaria 'Pink Mist

Fleur de pensée or Wild Pansy Viola 'Tricolor', Heartease

I'm joining in with Cathy and the gang to post a vase this Monday.



  1. It's a very pretty arrangement and an interesting exercise, Noelle. I have a handful of flowers that remind me of people I've lost when they appear each year.

  2. What lovely sentiments are contained in your vase, Noelle, and the yellows and purples have a real old fashioned and traditional look about them - very sweet

  3. I love the arrangment, so pretty with the purples.

  4. It's a lovely arrangement Noelle, with all the good thoughts bundled up into it! Especially love the Briza.

  5. I love violas and grew a few from seed that have returned this year....they make a lovely vase with all the sweet flowers you surrounded them with!

  6. I like violas more than pansies - not as brash, such sweet little faces and scented too. A most attractive vase Noelle. Plants from family and friends are to be treasured.

  7. A very delicate arrangement that goes very well with your thoughts. You're right - one should make more of an effort to connect to real people and let them know one is thinking of them. The achillea is so pretty and the Briza makes it so airy. The latter is growing en masse in our meadow.

  8. sorry, forgot to add my name to the last comment 🙈, have a good weekend, Annette