Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Gallivanting on the Trains

On one of Mr Stasher's day off during August we had a day out doing one of the things which he likes best: visiting railways. We had a day out of the Servern Valley Railway. The weather was lovely, and with the downloaded guide 'From the Window', we had an interesting guide of all the noteworthy points along the line.

At the end of the line we spent some time in Bridgnorth, first having our picnic in the park. From our bench we had views across the valley, and were amazed by the Bridgnorth Castle leaning tower leaning at an angle greater that the Pizza Tower. It was certainly a sign of the times that so many people were picniqing in the park. There were some splendid spreads, and the atmosphere was very friendly. From what I could see from the people on the train and the park, they seemed to have opted for an old fashioned day out with the family.

After first visiting the wonderful church on the hill by Thomas Telford: St Mary Magdalene, then walking down an impressive street lined with georgian houses: East Castle Street, we visited the old part of the town.

Visitors were welcomed into the Town Hall, and the rooms were beautifully turned out, with excellent stained glass windows.

We went round the small museum, before returning to the station. Whilst we waited for the next train, we took our drinks from the Station Pub: the Railwayman's Arms and sat in the sunshine watching various engines going through their paces.

We really enjoyed our day out together.

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  1. Lovely to read about your gallivanting, knitting, cooking etc. You can't beat a good tea-cosy, glad to learn you are still enjoying the one I made for you. I too have been jamming and jellying. There's been a bumper crop of blackberries in the cemetry this year. Kath gave me a bag of windfall apples from her father's garden so I now have a satisfying amount of 'free' bramble and apple jelly in my cupboard. In addition I have damson jelly and pickle (thanks to Diane) as well as gooseberry, blackcurrant and redcurrant preserves (thanks to my garden). Isn't preserving such a rewarding activity?!