Sunday, 13 January 2013

Cotswold Gold Oil, and Baked Pumkin makes a delicious loaf

With the last bit of my lovely stonegroud whole meal flour, a little strong white flour, Cotswold Gold Oil, baked pumkin, etc, I have come up with a wonderful tasting golden dough, with added pumpkin seeds.  I made two large loaves, and a tray of buns with more baked pumpkin, browned onions, herbs, and cheese...very tasty with soup for supper.  The remaining buns were divided into threes and frozen for later.

The main loaves have a lovely golden colour punctuated by the green of the pumpkin seeds, and toasts very well and great with pate, cheese or sweet preserves.  On one day this week, I made myself a sandwich at the same time as making up Mr S's packed lunch, put it away it the fridge ready for a fast bite between a busy morning, and my first day at my Calligraphy Class...where I started on uncial script.

I've just found out that the miller at Charlecote Mill is retiring, and the new Miller: Karl Grevatt is on board.  Next week I expect my new sack of flour to arrive.  John Bedington the retiring miller will still bring my delivery on his way home.  When I was working on this recipe I was thinking about how local this loaf is...the wheat is grown and milled not far away, the oil comes from a neighbouring county, the pumpkin from my friend's allotment in Kenilworth, and the herbs from my garden.  I'm not sure where the pumpkin seeds or onions came from, but the cheese was from Berkswell less than ten miles away.

I am hoping that both Cotswold Gold and Charlecote Mill will publish my recipe when I have fine tuned it.

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