Saturday, 19 January 2013

Pecan Nuts and toffee and maple syrup

These are a few of my favourite things.....when I am at the market the only bakery item I am tempted to buy is the baker's pecan nut plait....Now that I think of it, that may be my next baking challenge.

This Friday was two buns Friday.  In addition to the brioche I made some little cakes.  I can see now why MB cooled her pan of toffee in a bowl of cold water in her masterclass on Tart Tartin. My toffee cooked further as it was poured over the side of the heated pan.  The first nut was bathed in pale golden toffee, which got darker and darker for each further pecan nut.

This made a nice Friday Tea Time Treat for when Mr S got in after battling it home through the snow.  Have frozen six decorated, and will check to see what is lost on thawing and then report back.

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