Saturday, 19 January 2013

Pate Sucree revisited

Its quite some time since I last made Pate Sucree, so when I found a very good recipe in Michel Roux's book, I thought I would have another go.  I chose Bertinet's Creme patissiere, and then with a selection of fruit which I had in the freezer, and a few freshly poached pears....we had a few tarts, round, oval and a couple experiments using my lovely brioche tins.  The brioche tins shape was a problem...the best one was the one draped over the back of the tin....but I ought to have removed it while still warm and a little flexible.  It broke in two, but still nice to try.  Actually the brioche tin sized one was a little too big for my appetite.  Will practise again with the other half of the pastry which has been frozen down.  I love the little tarts as you can make up the number you need, rather than having a large tart and cut slices...always the temptation to each more than one portion!

My tip for baking the pastry, chill well or even freeze before adding the paper and baking beans, as it is easy to dig the paper into the pastry.

Tip for assembling:  fill the tart below the level of the edge of the pastry, to allow room to contain the glaze.

Tarts keep very well in a container ready for filling another day.  They are strong and can see why shops use this pastry.  The pastry keeps crisp even with the filling in for a few hours.

Conclusions...gathered and discussed whilst eating these tarts....we much prefer rich shortcrust pastry.  But then when we have had they tarts in France etc., we felt the same.

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