Thursday, 24 January 2013

New Hobby - First Steps in Calligraphy

Last year after visiting some artists in Kenilworth, I decided to enrol in calligraphy something I have been thinking of for years....and finally I have got round to it!

I've just attended my third class in Kenilworth, and have learnt how to inset a nib, and hold the pen at the right angle. 

I found a little text to copy out at home.  Uncial is the script we are trying to master.  Had a bit of fun this time using two pencils to form large letters. 

This one is just 6 cm square, and the next one just a little doodle which I shall make into a book mark for Mr S. With a little painting within borders two little finished projects.

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  1. How beautiful! How does the calligraphy instrument/pen look like? In school it used to be compulsory for all of us to learn Chinese calligraphy. Some of us ended up drawing out the borders and painting it with the brush instead. I guess it's hard to take some forms of art seriously if one doesn't appreciate its beauty. Or maybe I was just too lazy. :)