Friday, 22 November 2013

Birmingham Library Visit

Great day spent with Nicki today at the new Library in Birmingham. 

This is truly a temple to the book, to knowledge, understanding, study and entertainment, there are so many books new and old on the reference levels, and even some of the very old and worn books have been turned into works of art:

We found a section with older books, with interest inserts of 'secrets', I don't keep secrets in my books at home, but keep cards, or programmes or pieces of paper and love coming upon them years later.

The central area with escalators and walkways is itself an interesting and pleasing area to look at

 plenty of space, nice seating, excellent views. 

I love the building, and wish the Library much success.  It is a civic space which the City must be proud of.  We met and spoke to a few people,

had lunch, looked at some books, the art works dotted around the place, and the gardens on the upper levels. 

We walked up some stairs and admired the murals.

Walked up more steps to view the transplanted Shakespeare Library,

I even found this Dodo, and checking the quote, feel that since the quote mentions Shakespeare and they have this wonderful room, that I have a certain attachment to the Isle of the Dodo, may I award everyone who had a hand at bringing this library to fruition a prize: that of knowledge that they have given to the City something to be very proud of..and my 'thimble' is my enjoyment of the Library Space.

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