Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Mr S and I had our first holiday to Croatia.  Through Thomson we chose our Hotel Lapad for our week away.  We had not done too much homework before leaving or booked any trips...  With flight time of only two and a half hours, and individual transfer on half an hour to the hotel, we were soon unpacking.  We had a smile on our faces, our 'private' transfer was shared with two other couples in a comfortable minibus...

Within a short time we left the hotel, armed with the detailed map offered by the helpful desk staff to explore along the shore. Straight across the road, we gazed at the numerous small fish, anemones etc in the crystal clear waters. 

There were beautiful Villas and walled gardens.

We walked all along the inlet to the other side where the ocean going boats, island hoppers and cruise ships berth.  There are pretty little walkways and avenues to take you there.

Fancy yachts, fishing vessels, island hoppers and huge cruise liners all park up...

After our long walk, we went back to have lunch at a small restaurant close to the hotel.  Blidinje was a small restaurant.  As the weather was glorious, we went and sat on their upstairs open air terrace under large red umbrellas, with magnificent views across the harbour.  They do all their cooking on an open wood fire...even the Pizza which was delicious, Mr S gave me a taste, and I just worked my way through my plate of grilled prawns, with salad etc.  Later in the week we went again and I opted for the plate of wood 'roasted' squid with braised swiss chard.  The flavours are made for each other.

On our first visit we had spied a lunch set out on the table downstairs which was for the staff lunch and I asked what it was...and knew I would be back to taste it.  Another local dish which I had in Dubrovnik one lunch time was their black rice: a risotto made with sea food, and coloured with octopus ink...delicious.  Otherwise we went to local bakeries and picked up a variety of their bakes, and pizza for making up a picnic.

After Lunch we were entertained by the stick insect which had landed on the terrace.  Later in the week, we also found a praying mantis.  In the woods and in the gardens there were also a large variety of butterflies.
More about this holiday later!

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