Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pumpkin Gnocchi

A few weeks ago, I picked up a collection of Pumpkins from Mary Arden's Farm.  We went there and enjoyed a day of activities including carving a Pumpkin for Halloween.

The first carved pumpkin was soon dispatched into soup, and this last week, I popped the second pumpkin into the oven after my bread came out, for about half an hour. 

Just washed then cut in half and placed on a tray, I find this the easy way to deal with pumpkin, as it so much easier to remove the seeds, and the skin when the flesh is soft.

The following day, I had little left in the fridge but some odds and ends, three rasher of bacon, some Pecorino Cheese, and few olives, and this baked pumpkin.  I wanted to go out shopping, but I thought if I cooked when I got back in, Mr S would be far too hungry, and I too tired, so I thought of what I cook before going shopping. 

I was in a rush, and did not have time to search my recipes, and just thought that if I can make gnocchi with potato, why not with pumpkin?  I took 500g of baked pumpkin, added some salt and pepper, fresh thyme and sage from the garden, and mixed it well with a beaten egg.  Then I added about 300 to400g of oo pasta flour, and rolled out into long strips onto the semolina strewn surface.  I cut them into little parcels, and used the edge of my fork to make little patterns.

This is half of the batch, which I froze, yes, gnocchi freeze very well, and they can go straight into the pan from the freezer.

It takes only a few minutes and four to five for them to cook.

I dressed them in the bowl, with a couple of spoonfuls of pesto, and topped them with pan fried strips of bacon, and sliced olives,

then a little grated cheese to finish.  On the plate and ready to eat within 20 minutes of wondering what would be for supper...and Mr S did the washing up whilst I went shopping.  The gnocchi were wonderfully light and fluffy and very tasty too.  This will be in my what to do with pumpkins list.

I thought I was being very original but if something is really good, others will have most probably thought of doing the same thing too..and with the magic of Google I found this to be so!

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