Sunday, 11 September 2016

Autumn Show

This is the first time I have not entered anything into Kenilworth Horticultural Club's Autumn Show.  Its not that I have not got anything worth while from the garden...but I have a lot on my plate at the moment, as well as being the Show Secretary, and for the first time lead judge on the Home Produce Section.

This year I was joined in the judging by my friend Diane Pearce.  She had put a lot of work into her preparations and had found a very good guide.  It was great fun, and thank goodness we finished with the chutneys and pickles...our tongues were tingling!  A really great batch of bakes and preserves, and a great deal of effort on the part of the contestants.  After the great sugar rush, it was time for me to write out all the certificates and cards!  Andrew Caine was our judge on the Plants, flowers, and vegetables sections.  Our deputy Mayor Kate Dickson gave out all the cups, cards and certificates, and it was great that both long standing members and recent joiners were successful.

After an interlude with refreshments the owner of our local nursery Hintons: Sarah Ridgeway gave an interesting questions and answers talk, and had taken one of my favourite I was not allowed to answer when she called out if anyone knew its name!  It was Ugni Molinae Flambeau, which is currently growing in a lovely pot.  Sarah took the opportunity to describe a couple of other lovely shrubs......and give a plug for the Heritage Open Day taking place at the Walled Garden on her nursery.  Of the two other shrubs rather interesting and new to me, brought by Sarah, to show and tell...I now am the proud owner of 'Red Leopard'.

On Friday we popped into the nursery to collect the leaflet on the heritage open days, and also had a stroll round, of course I admired one the shrubs Sarah had brought, and also admired the Loroptealum Chinese Fire Dancer which I had added to my list following the visit to Peter and Margaret Green's garden in Hunningham.  Sarah and her workers propagate and grow many of their shrubs, and there are quite a few there now which are in superb condition.

Saturday saw a very rainy start to the day, but with Mr S going out today, it had to be raincoats and sheer will for our visit.  I had not even thought to take my camera.  Please visit the walled garden at Hintons.  We bought some lovely vegetables from the garden, and were impressed by the work done to recover the abandoned walled garden in just a few years.

My pocket money for the week went on this fabulous plant: Pseudowintera  colorata Red Leopard, which I picked up on Saturday.    Another lovely well grown young shrub which will be spending the next two years or so in a pot...until it finds its final resting place.  This is a such an interesting plant.  The Mountain Horopito originates from New Zealand, an ancient plant, and I am looking forward to the flowers which come directly off older stems.  The underside of the leaves has an attractive greyish bloom too.  

What a show for the Autumn, and this will continue all through the bare bones here!

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