Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hunningham Garden Visit

Last week with friends Liz, Sandra, Myra and Janet, we spent a delightful morning in the most spectacular of gardens in Hunningham.  Our hosts Peter and Margaret Green usually open their garden under the Yellow Book, and Liz thought this would be the ideal garden outing.  Liz arranged a private visit, and we were all so pleased with the wonderful range and quality of plants.

Just look at the faces...we were in thrall.  I spent most of my time admiring the design of the garden, looking at fabulous plants beautifully placed, and listening to our hosts description of plants, rather than take photographs.  

The Japanese Garden.....

with great hard landscaping, paths, and pagodas..

as well as the sound of bubbling water....

Towards the end of the garden, which has a fabulous borrowed landscape stands a large greenhouse, 

around which tropical type planting adds an exotic flavour

Even the conservatory was filled with more plants, including a blue waterlily, than I could take in visually in just the one visit.

I was particularly taken by the Cercidiphyllum Tree, with its columnar growth, which would suit a smaller garden nicely.  Here it is planted with rubekia...and each is enhanced by the other.

By the greenhouse, we were all taken by the superb specimen of Clerodendron Bungeii Pink Diamond.  It is perfectly hardy for them, but we all felt that with the trees, walls etc, there must have been a temperate micro-climate...

by their back door and growing in pots, was Loropetalum Chinese Fire Dancer a great shaped shrub which of course needs a little winter protection.  Also growing on their back wall was Abutilon Megapotamicum, with its lovely pendulous flowers late in the season.  I'm not sure whether it would pass through a harsh winter unprotected...but if I were to come across a plant I may be tempted!

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