Sunday, 17 June 2018

Ancient History at Knossos and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

On a trip to Heraklion we spent all of our time in the Archaeological Museum.  This is a really fabulous Museum and the artifacts superb.  I'm only showing and mentioning a fraction of the wonderful things on show.

Firstly this little needle case carved from soapstone...

This grouping of intricately carved boxes with lids shows two of them with similar carved dogs as handles....I wonder whether people had dogs as pets or just for hunting over four and a thousand years ago in Crete.

From Vasiliki, pots with spouts about 4 thousand years old....

I loved the Octopus decorations of these 'Marine Style' rhyta and flasks

A whole cabinet of Poppy Goddess figurines

Glass from the Roman period was on show

These glass scent bottles have wavy coloured and gold patterns and were made during the Hellenic period 3-2 Century bc.

I didn't think I would be finding any angels...and perhaps this little cupid figurine, again from the Hellenic period, could stand in for them.  They were offerings placed in Children's graves, and still carry traces of gilding, and blue and red paint.  It is thought they carried ribbons or a little harp in their hands.

The following day we had a visit to Knossos...

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