Monday, 11 June 2018

Going ahead in the garden

We have moved to working in the garden.  I'm really lucky that Mr S, although not a gardener, joins in with the planning and execution of works....We have decided to have a gravel sitting area just by the house, rather than paving stones set on concrete.  First the turfs need to be lifted.  This is where we are today.  The other rings of the circle, used as stepping stones during the winter,  have now been moved....

The new garden chairs and table have arrived, have been assembled and are sitting on the full stone circle.

Over the next few weeks, an outer circle of gravel will be added..and hopefully the thyme and other small plants will soon colonise the area.

The veggie border is under way, with a wigwam of climbing french beans and runners, some courgettes, lettuce and beetroot.  I have a purple chilli plant from Alison, and the lemon verbena which managed to go through the winter. The fallback plant in the foreground which I overwintered in a pot in the shed is just to flower.  Its been so hot and dry, that the water butt is now empty and I have to use the hose.

The stepping stones have just been delivered...

Plants waiting to be planted out are waiting in an area of the garden with a little shade after noon.

As usual I love to have some plants and shrubs  in tubs...and this one we can enjoy from the conservatory...which except for breakfast and later for dinner in the evening are far too hot!

Twice a day the bird bath needs to be topped up...we queues for the bath..parents and new broods...

It dawned on me when I returned from holiday, that the number of succulents could be said to have got out of control.  Since it seems to be so hot here, and the front garden on a slope is very sunny and dry, almost all the succulents have been planted out along the drive.  At least they will only need minimal watering.

Towards the end of summer I shall strike just a few of each of my favourite ones, and scrap the rest!

Its just a few weeks ago that the border was full of lemon wallflowers and pansies, with alliums yet to bloom.


  1. You are making good progress Noelle. I lost all my lemon verbena plants this year and have had to buy anew. Their scent is fabulous isn't it?

    1. I agree, and I love the tea that I make with the leaves. I had just run out of the stash that I had dried, when the new leaves started to emerge.