Monday, 11 June 2018

In a Vase On Monday - Better late than never

This is another little sample of material from the garden.  I am ashamed to say that these are from three weeks ago.  I have some new flowers steeping in some water...but I and they became overheated and its better just to allow both of us to cool down a little.

I have been so busy...gardening, decorating, going out, exploring, and blogging about our Crete Holiday, that it is only now that this arrangment makes an appearance.  

Better Late than Never....

I usually come back from holiday with some ideas as to what I may do differently.  I suppose one has hours of waiting, or travelling, and it gives one time to think, and plan.  I love linen...and have a drawer with some lovely unused items, and had decided to get them out, wash and use them.  I found the duck egg blue linen towels...not vintage, but brand new.  Here is one washed and ironed, and with my vase there are also three eggs from Paul's hens, one of which is blue. 

I love foliage, purples and greens and shape, and here are some of my favourites from the garden:
Flowers and leaves from Tiarella mint chocolate, Leaf of Geranium Blue Sunrise, with dark red leaves of a Heuchera, flower from Saxifrage umbrosa variegata, queen anne's lace, and two stems of the yellow winter flowering jasmine: Jasminum nudiflorum.

The white bloom which bees just love is Centaurea Montana Alba.  This was one of the prunnings from the total haircut the plant got.  It is shooting back nicely now, and I am looking to the second of several flushes the plant will give this year.  Its been very hot and dry, and looking back at my vase for a similar week last year, its interesting to see what was in the garden:

Just over a week ago, we joined Somerset Wildlife for a walk over their farm at the tops of the Mendips.  Chancellor farm has orchids which were so plentiful in the meadows, that it was literally a problem where to stand.  There were also scented orchids, but far fewer of them.

Just over our wall within the area which has many wild flowering plants, the Mouse-Ear Hawkweed is quietly putting on a fine display.

I am joining forces with Jean, and our aim is to have some areas in the Main Wells Cemetery and the old church yard at St Cuthbert's, where the wild flowers can be appreciated.  We saw this plant when we visited  on Saturday..and in the field had perhaps misidentified the plant.  Looking at the close up of the back, with its reddish marks on the back of the outer petals, has helped me to cross check and confirm its identity.

If it wasn't for the creator and stalwart of this meme who posts every week, for us 'occasional' contributors to join in, maybe I would not keep such an interesting record of what is going on in the garden.  Do go and see what she and other have posted, and perhaps join in too.


  1. Your vase and backdrop make it look such a cool scene, which you tell us it definitely isn't! Let's just pretend, shall we? I especially like seeing the white centaurea as I finally have one established so am pleased to read that it should rebloom. Good to read you are keeping busy exloring as well as enjoying your garden. Take care

  2. A perfect vase to showcase the garden....I can understand needing a cool down these days.

  3. Being busy is good and enjoying yourself while you're at it is even better. I love that you gave the foliage a strong role in your arrangement and I envy you that Centaurea. I planted one like it last year but it has yet to bloom for me; however, I'm consoling myself that the plant is still alive so the hope of blooms remains.

  4. It sounds as though you have been very busy. I hope your garden survived your absence. This is a pretty little vase and pretty eggs too. It is certainly
    hot and very dry. Even at 7 last night it was hot.

  5. Oh that's a most attractive vase of foliage and flowers. I've been overheating a lot of late especially with keeping up with watering at the allotment. Hope that you have cooled down by now :)

    1. So its got a little cooler...but no rain, just one or two spots. The watering is working, and there is no wilting....

  6. It seems you are having the hot weather we should be having here. It's raining today, again! It might be late but the vase is lovely.