Friday, 15 February 2019

Warm and Sunny Weather

Its been warm and sunny, and almost like a Summer's day, except the day is not as long, and the sun is lower in the sky.  Bees and bumblebees have been visiting the crocuses, and other spring flowers.  We have been sitting out in the garden for our morning coffee stop.

Whilst we are enjoying rather unseasonable weather, and we ought really to have a little more cold weather and rain to ensure the ground is well soaked, over in America where a blogging and gardening friend lives, they are battling with snow piled high.

With a new garden and some plants only in their first true season it is wonderful to watch for the first signs of growth brought on by the few recent warm days and glorious sunshine.  There have been jobs too such as pruning and feeding rose bushes, and today a severe cutting back and thinning of the winter flowering jasmine. 

Corydalis Malkensis

 Crocus fuscotinctus

 Crocus sieberi firefly

 Cyclamen coum

 Primula name unknown with strong red flowers

Crocus minimus Spring Beauty

Another 'triumph' has been the planting out and potting up of Tulipa Sprengeri 'Trotter's Form'.  I was given some seed when visiting Hunningham Garden with friends back in 2016, and it was my first gardening task when we moved in, and the seedlings germinated in 2017, so this is their third spring.  I saw the leaves emerging, so gently got them into the garden, and planted up eight pots with five to six bulbs in each pot.  Maybe I shall have a corner like this one below in a couple of years?


  1. Your spring has sprung. I love bulbs - enjoying my Maltese cross.

  2. Once the bulbs start flowering, it makes me feel that Spring is really on its way. Love your selection of crocus.