Sunday, 29 November 2009

Chatwsorth Outing

This is the second outing that I have organised for my branch of the WI. For several days before, I was receiving last minute bookings and queries, and I was a little nervous as I set off for the bus stop. However everyone at each pickup point arrived in time, and our trip went smoothly. In addition, although it was during the week of the most dreadful rains, this Thursday was the best day we had had for some time, with the sun even breaking through.

Chatsworth was decked up in all its glory, and there were plenty of tantalising items in their shop in the Orangery. I do like Christmas, but this was a little too early for me, and as it was not easy to peer in the gloom around the decorations, a visit in the Summer when more of the house will be open is definitely on the cards. I was able to take reasonable pictures of the Statues and the giant urn in the Orangery. Unusually for a Stately home, photography inside was allowed, but with the low lighting for the Christmas displays, my pictures do not really do the house justice.

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