Thursday, 5 November 2009

Crazy climate

Its November the 5th, and the leaves on the trees outside my bedroom are very nearly down, but cram your head to one side, and down the road you can see a huge oak tree, still very green and full of leaf. Yesterday I swept all the leaves off the front garden, and planted 12 more heathers. This time they are winter flowering types.

I love the light of sunny autumn days, one just has to cherish these, even though they are getting markedly shorter. When I sit in the conservatory, I love to watch the clouds scuttle past, and have even gone so far as to have my book on clouds to hand, but sometimes I just like to look at the shapes.

I've started my autumn chop in the garden, but am amazed at how so much colour remains. The penstemones are still visited by late bumble bees, so I am leaving these for the last forays for nectar for the year. This late rose is scenting the room.

Apart from that I am clearing and cleaning ready for my sister Lizzie's arrival tomorrow. I'm busy knitting her some warm socks. Well when I am sat down resting that is. At least they will be ready by the time she leaves as she goes off to stay with Jenny in Spain.

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  1. I know what you mean about autumn light. Yesterday at around 4.00pm the warm light was stunning and made the view over Swindon look positively beautiful!

    Enjoy your time with Lizzie.