Sunday, 1 November 2009

October Knitting

I think that wool socks are definitely the best - hand knitted, with no seams across the toes, in bright or subdues colours. Anyone who has them, can knit, or have had them given, would be hard pushed to disagree. I had been thinking of increasing my personal stash of them, but just as one pair leaves the needles someone who needs some springs to mind.

I was at my friend Rita's a few weeks ago, and was surprised that she had the heating on, even though she is in her eighties it was warm. When I asked if she was poorly, she said no, but her feet were cold. Marie-Claire who was with me, and is already in receipt of one pair from me, was thrilled when I said I would knit Rita some. Rita tried mine on and could not believe how wonderful they felt. I took careful measurements, as one does for 'bespoke' tailoring, and was given very clear instructions as to what colour etc she wanted.
Rita is one of those very elegant ladies, who loves to choose her clothes, jewelry and make up to look her very best. Wearing usually dark trousers, I chose some sock yarn from the wonderful array at Web of Wool.....and now Rita is so thrilled that she has even worked out that she can wash them in the evening, and have them ready to wear the following day. I think I shall have to knit her a second pair for Christmas.

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