Friday, 20 November 2009

Gallivanting with Sister

This could be Mauritius, or it could be somewhere in Australia, the clothes give it away....this was taken in the tropical house in Leamington Spa. Lizzie is wearing her new hat, and we are about to have coffee in The Restaurant in the Park.

Each day except for one when Lizzie went off to explore Kenilworth on her own, we sallied forth to Warwick, Leamington and Coventry.

We spent some time exploring the new Ardman Exhibtion at the Herbert Museum where we enjoyed " a rare behind-the-scenes insight into how Aardman and other featured animators create their characters. From storyboards and set design to cel painting, stop frame and CGI technology," you can learn top tips from the industry and then have a go at creating your own crazy animations! This is not to missed by anyone who likes animation, and if you have children this will enthrall them. There were not that many children there during the week, and they made way for us.

I was tickled by the design board showing a sweetcorn dress!

Lizzie takes pictures and looks at the details just to get us in the mood I took this Green Christmas Window in Coventry......and you can perhaps guess why!

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