Thursday, 9 December 2010

Avec nos sabots

It may be that it is presumptuous of me, not quite the word I want, what I really mean is looking ahead....but when I saw these very small crocs at the Church Bazaar I just had to get them, especially as they were so similar to mine, in anticipation of my little Grand daughter coming to visit and wanting to go out and learn gardening.

Why 'Avec Nos Sabots'....There was a traditional song I was taught by my father, a French song called Avec mes Sabots Don daine...sabots meaning clogs. The tune is haunting me, but I hardly remember the words. So with our clogs on Grandma and Grand daughter will explore the wonderful world of the garden, with its secret parts, insects, birds, butterflies and plants. Mine are old well worn, and well can see that undercoat is impossible to remove, even after umpteen goes in the washing machine!

In this very cold weather I brought in some plants from the patio. I wonder how many that have been left out will have survived?

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