Saturday, 4 December 2010

Winter Wonderland

It seems to be such a long time since the first snow fell. Today we have had a bit of a thaw, but we have been warned that the freeze will return soon. Our home is lovely and warm. I have had to retrieve all my plants from the Conservatory and scattered them around the house. We have no round the clock heating in the conservatory.
I took this photograph as we had frost inside the conservatory....the big snow flakes were made by Cynthia. She has been making these for the Church Fete, and having bought quite a few from her, I sewed them together and have hung them down the windows. When we first moved in we have a couple of birds fly into the glass so I have taken to hanging things up against the windows and since then we have had fewer accidents. I know when birds have flew into other windows. Sometimes I hear a bang, and then can see a dust image of the bird left on the window. So far the birds have managed to fly away.
I phoned an aunt who lives in North Lincolnshire, and she had not ventured out as there was about two feet of snow where she is. Here our road seems to be last to have cleared as it is not gritted and few cars pass by. Nevertheless, I've been out as usual on my bike.

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