Wednesday, 15 December 2010

More Knitting and Baking

When some of our friends came up for Swindon in the Summer, I promised Maegan that I would knit her some more socks. I finally got round to asking for the measurements last week, and when I got my old knitting note book, I found the page where we drew round Maegan's feet in May 2007. As she was just a little girl then, there was plenty of yarn left over which I found in my stash. The colours are a little softer than above, and when they are tried on, and I have a report back on fit, then I'll be able to adjust my pattern if necessary, and made another pair in a different yarn.
I've started my Christmas baking and present giving, and baked these hazel nut and cranberry cookies which I took over to Rita's. Over a nice coffee and a biscuit, I then read her some poetry, from a little book we came across when I helped her sort out through some old papers. There is something wonderful about reading poetry aloud. Most old people of Rita's generation used to learn poetry by heart when they were young, and it really gives them a boost when they can remember some lines. Its certainly a lovely thing to have a picture of a host of golden daffodils on such a cold and dreary day!

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