Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cold weather called for New Tea Cosy

We became tea cosy fans when we moved to Kenilworth. The first one we had was sent by a friend and has graced both the teapot it came with and also our Large Wedgewood pot. I then bought a 'used' but nice wool one from the first Christmas Fete I went to at St Nicks. In the three years it has gradually got well worn and a little stained.

In just a short week, that it took from having the idea, borrowing a book, winding on some lovely yarn which was hand spun by Claire, and raiding my stash for some part used balls of wonderful English rare breed yarns, we now have a beautiful, fully fashioned, new cosy for our small teapot.
I made a knitted mat for it to stand on and insulate the base. It took only two days in the knitting.
The old one has been cut up and is now a warm insulation layer at the top of the wormery. So like all the tea leaves, the tea cosy will end up as compost on the garden some time next year!

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