Thursday, 30 December 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas

During the Twelve Days of Christmas our household has had many things to celebrate. For those who know me well my name gives one of the reasons. Although I feel that there is no need to count the years any more, I realise that I had been overestimating the years, and that I am in fact younger than I had thought! Of course, I feel even younger. So definitely no more counting....just celebrate! I think what had thrown me was my big wish to get the dratted bus pass, but it looks as if they are forever moving the goal posts, and who knows it may have to be completely withdrawn by the time I get there!

I've had the most wonderful array of presents, and some came through the post. I had a lovely book from my London Bread Guru, and then a big box from my Swindon Knitting Guru! On Christmas eve we returned from a walk at 11:45, to find a card from the Post Office to say that they had tried to deliver a parcel at 12:30! Well no chance of fetching it before the Christmas close down.....anyway on the 29th I very nearly had a tantrum on the floor at the Kenilworth sorting office, when they could not find my parcel.

I did not have the card on me, and they suggested that the parcel leaflet was from a different delivery company, but no I said that it was just like the ones on their desk. They looked and looked, and then they asked if I knew who the parcel was from. Luckily I had had a email heralding the parcel, and eventually they found my parcel filed under my friend's name. Well her name was on the parcel, but oh so my tenacity paid off.... and Wow how I've been spoilt, I love the cloth parcel covers, and the goodies, and after the consumables are gone, I shall have three little treasures of curved rosewood cable needles, and other treasures too. Until now, I've just grabbed a double pointed sock needle, but now I have THE RIGHT TOOLS for the job!

Christmas day started off with -10C at 9 in the morning, but the roads were clear. The day was spent in the midst of loved ones, with delicious food, warmth and love. All one could wish for. In the afternoon we set out for a walk, to enjoy the daylight. This lovely group of berries must surely have been devoured by now by the hungry birds.

Little Izabelle was a delight, and I could not resist getting down on the floor and having a play with her toys. The first course of smoked salmon, sour cream, and blinis made by Veronica was much appreciated, then delicious turkey, and vegetables and the best of roast potatoes cooked in goose fat...None of us managed any pudding, except for a piece of the apricot filo roulade I had made, and only when we got back from our walk. So I hope that the large jug of Brandy Sauce was used up with the pudding, the next day.

So from me to all my readers, and to myself here is my favourite Christmas Picture.

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