Monday, 26 May 2014

Bring the Chelsea Highlights to your garden

That's the name of the email I received from the RHS today.  This has inspired me to review my highlights of my 'viewing' of the Chelsea Flower Show on the TV, and to document the very bits of my garden which mirror some of the high points....I still have 'episodes' in the can.

I have moss, not moss in the lawn, as I have no lawns, but stones.  Two points to me...I have moss on my Buddha, and I have stones all around....

I have art in my garden, well some statues, as well as some 'temporary' art:   Nicki brought round some of her project and we were inspired to play with it amongst the vibrant 50 shades of green...

I have tortoises, small ones, and not real stone...

A garden room to adjourn to in the garden which doubles up as Auricula 'housing'

More auriculas in the garden
New acquisitions, well for me they were new, and grown specially by a local plants woman

Wild Life in the 'very small' pond, ranging from newts, to frogs, toads, and damsel flies, and Red mason bees in the wall by the conservatory.  I had this little 'insect house' for several years, and decided this year, when the various empty raw plug holes in a sunny wall had been sealed up with mud, to move the sadly vacant house to that same wall. Within minutes holes were being visited, with the first 'let' sign being in the top right hand corner.  So it was the siting of the house which made all the difference.

The larger canes have the mud seal half way down.

We have conifers, a particularly large one at the end of the garden, and a small recent acquisition The Japanese Umbrella Pine with whorls of long needles, one of the five sacred trees of Japan's Kiso Forest.

Planting of shrubs with contrasting under planting, here the  Ajuga Reptans Atropurpurea with its long botanical name is vibrating to the rhythm of the numerous bumble bees which frantically visit each flower in between the showers, show off the low branches of the Viburnum  plicatum 'Mariesii'

Topiary, well not yet worth a picture: three golden lonicera which are currently small compact golden balls in pots, which I may trim into more flattened shapes..

Well my garden is a hotchpotch:  I love plants, plants with associations, sometimes I go wild and buy choice plants from Chelsea Gold Winners, and sometimes lovely plants from local plant sales.  I love propagating, so have made sure to take plants from garden to garden as I move, and beg cuttings of fancied plants.  From being just able to walk, my favourite place was my parents' garden, and each garden I have worked in has brought me joy.

Not all plants survive, and I have to do battle with insects, mildews and rusts, pigeons, and grey squirrels, and have varying weather to test and sometimes destroy plants.  Unlike Chelsea, I have not spent loads of dosh, I do not force plants, have not built the garden over a matter of weeks, but it is my garden, I love it, and love it when friends say oh I love that plant, and I can propagate it for them.  I love the wild life that visits and those 'benign' ones which choose to make it their home.  I love being able to just step out and walk and breath the fresh air, and look to each plant as it performs its little part.

I have been to Chelsea, my Dad took me once when I was little, I have been to Hampton Court, and various other shows, and marvel at the choice that plant hunters, breeders, and growers bring us.  Thank you to all of you.

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  1. So love the pretty faces of Auricula's. Have always wanted to make a Theatre for them but as yet the plans stay in the pages of the gardening book :)