Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May bouquet

 Yesterday I went out to pick the first of the Etoile de Hollande Roses, and made up this little posy which I photographed today, so I know that my new blooms and good as cut flowers.  These are not the first of the roses as those have been eaten when they were in tight bud.  I have some visiting grey squirrels and gradually they are getting a liking for all of my favourite things...Last year it was the pears, and this year it is rose buds.  I watched it brazenly perch on the top of my arch, break off a bud, and eat it, whilst watching me doing the washing up.  I run into the garden yelling, and it balances on the fence and shouts back at me.  I shall look for a good water pistol.

With my roses I have the first cut flowers from a couple of new plants which I acquired last year.  The white flower above is a Centaurea Montana Alba.  It is a short and compact plant, with greyish leaves.  The blue ones are popping up around the garden.  The bees loves both of these.

The white perennial candytuft is Iberis ex Betty Swainson.  It is a lowish growing plant with really lovely large flowers, and very good a cut flower.  I got both these plants when I visited a small nursery.

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