Monday, 5 May 2014

Crassula Buddha's Temple

We've been on holiday, just for 12 days to Sicily.  The week before it was all preparation, the week after all relaxation and washing, and mourning the fact that my camera's battery went flat after about three days.  All my fault, and I had also turned down the offer of the packer in chief to pack the charger!  Well there are many lessons learnt there!

However this is what greeted me was my Crassula falcata pyramidalis Buddha's Temple in flower.

 The flowers are really small and clustered at the very tip of the main stem.  The stem is getting a little bare at the base, so I am going to trim it down, and root all the side shoots to get some new plants, which I hope to find good homes for.

A side shoot, which was accidentally knocked off, has already sent roots out and is growing away, and  I think several plants in a wide shallow terracotta pot will look good.

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