Saturday, 17 May 2014

Waitrose Kenilworth stop standard Tate & Lyle Sugar

Yesterday I went to my local store to pick up some sugar ready for Jam Making.  The fruit are ripening and the first of the English Strawberries mean its time for me to start.

However to my disconsternation the brand they now carry is Silver Spoon.  I went to the desk and 'filed' my complaint.  The assistant said that they had changed the brand as a request from customers who wanted to support British Beet Producers.  Well maybe sugar beet is fine to put in your tea or coffee, or on your cereal, but for bakers: please give us a choice.  My query when I insisted, was written on a little piece of till roll.  I wonder whether this will go any further?

When I had first moved to Kenilworth, I had bought this brand from Sainsburys and I really did not feel it was equal in my preserves or baking.  The set was not quite there, and my meringues not quite so good.  At first I thought it was me, but when  Waitrose opened and they had Tate & Lyle, I could feel the difference straight away.  Am I the only one to think this?  Tate & Lyle are fairtrade and how about supporting foreign sugar growers.  If we are to support just British Farmers, will Waitrose start to stock only English Butter, English Charcuterie, English caught prawns.  I would be pleased for similar ranges to be supplied just from English Farmers too!

I really hope that I can find Tate & Lyle somewhere else.

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